25 Jan 2023


SimplyInvo is a specialised mobile app designed for effortless invoice tracking. Packed with features such as invoice monitoring, digital signature integration, and customisable invoice templates, it caters to individuals seeking a seamless and efficient solution for managing their invoicing needs.

Project Overview

About Project

SimplyInvo is a purpose-built mobile application tailored for individuals seeking streamlined invoice management. With robust features like invoice tracking, digital signature integration, and customizable templates, it offers a comprehensive solution for anyone keen on efficient and personalized invoice tracking.

Target Users

Freelancers, startups, small businesses, or shops owners

The Problem

The client, a freelance mobile app developer, sought a dedicated invoice-tracking app for his specific needs. After conducting thorough research and failing to find an existing solution that met his requirements, he resolved to embark on the development of a new and specialized invoice-tracking app.

The Solution

The client wants a user-friendly user interface (UI) with User Experiences(UX), including the below main requirements.

1. Overdue notification system
2. Adding digital signs to an invoice
3. Preview of invoice template
4. Editing  styles, templates, and profiles 
5. Revenu chart view

Design Phase

The design phase in user experience (UX) involves creating visual representations and interactive prototypes for the user interface.

Low Fidelity Screens

High Fidelity Screens

Home Page 

The user can view overdue invoice details, the revenue chart, and the latest activities from the home page.

Overdue notification system

Users can mark to get overdue, paid, or pending invoice alerts from their profile.​​​​​​​

Adding digital signs to an invoice

The user can add a digital signature in settings.​​​​​​​

Preview of invoice template

What I got from this Project

This marks my inaugural venture into designing a fintech-dedicated mobile app. Throughout the process, I acquired the skills to create a user-friendly app compatible with both Apple and Android phones, adhering to the guidelines of Material and Human Computer System. The positive feedback received from my client affirms the success of the project, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration in the near future.

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